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Supporting brands to grow even further.

We develop our customers business by strengthening their brand image and enhancing their customers’ shopping experience through innovative, communicative and sustainable retail packaging solutions.

Luxury box
Luxury carrier bag
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Retail gift bag
Paper carrier bag

Bong Retail Solutions specializes in the Art of Giving.

Carrier bags

With a variety of finishes only available from us you can make a statement every time a carrier bag is carried out of your shop.

Retail gift bags

Perfect for the boutique with limited storage behind the counter as well as the large chain which needs efficiency at the cash register.


Adding touches such as ribbons, embossing and hot-foil to these boxes increases the sense of a really luxurious gift wrapping.


With ribbons, stickers, tissue paper and other complementary products every gift and customer will receive special treatment.


A sustainable alternative for coex plastic envelopes & boxes, saving storage space & material, reducing the environmental footprint.

Bong Retail Solutions is GREEN

Bong Retail Solutions will contribute to long-term ecological sustainable development by manufacturing and offering retail packaging that, during their life cycle, have the lowest environmental impact possible.

Why paper?

BONG Retail Solutions: biodegradable


As paper is a product from nature, it’s organic. So when paper hits the ground, it doesn’t pollute it.

BONG Retail Solutions: compostable


It is compostable, meaning that it can be used as a fertilizer. Fueling the soil when it decays.


Paper can be converted into new objects. Reducing energy usage, air and water pollution.

This is why we do
what we do.

Strenghten the total retail experience of your brand – all the way from shop to home and beyond.

As retail consultants, we enjoy inspiring and advising you within your brand communication plan and we build efficient solutions that enhance your brand recognition. Helping your brand to grow even further.