The entire lifecycle

Bong Retail Solutions, as part of Bong will contribute to long-term ecological sustainable development by manufacturing and offering products that, during their life cycle, have the lowest environmental impact possible.

Packaging has an environmental impact throughout their life cycles – from the management of forests to recycling, incineration or landfills of used products. The sustainability work within the Bong Group takes different forms in the value chain depending on the possibility of influence and priorities. Measures aimed at reducing energy and water consumption, decreasing CO2 emissions per unit produced at our production sites, have the highest priority.

We shall always comply with applicable environmental legislation, regulations and government regulations. Permits and conditions only represent the minimum level of our environmental work.


We continuously work to improve production methods to minimize the environmental impact of emissions

We work with suppliers and customers to design products with a priority on the eco-cycle approach and conservation of natural resources, looking at:

  • The origins of the raw material

  • The production of the paper

  • The transports to and from production

  • The product consumption and recycling (+90% of our waste is recycled)

Through information and communication we continuously raise the knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among all employees

Download our Annual Report 2017 to find out more about how we work with Sustainability in regards to the Environment, or read more about the Sustainability work taking place within the Bong Group here.


We comply with the environmental laws and rules that apply in all countries where we are active.

FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council®

FSC only certifies forests which are managed in a renewable and environmentally friendly way. The certification of Bong Retail Solutions production means that the origin of the raw material can be traced and guaranteed in every step of the production flow.

FSC® is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. Read more here.

Ask about our FSC® products.

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FTI & Green Dot

Fti:s role is to provide all companies with access to the nationwide recycling system, which is designed to simply and efficiently meet producer obligations. Read more here.

See Bong’s fti certificate here.

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