Supporting brands to grow even further

At Bong Retail Solutions we develop our customers business by strengthening their image, increasing their visibility and enhancing their customers shopping experience.

To succeed, brands within fashion, beauty, fine foods and department stores partner with us, realizing the value of our knowledge and understanding of their unique brand and business. Our cooperation delivers sustainable and efficient solutions in-line with every brands specific communication and marketing plan.

Supported with these innovative and communicative brand elements, the retailer is able to re-enforce the total retail experience of their brand – all the way from the shop to the home and beyond.

With our almost 300 years of experience of working with paper, we focus on recyclable and sustainable paper-based gift and carrier solutions. Our production in Nybro, Sweden is FSC® certified, and with continues focus on sustainability and the environment we strive to have an as environmentally friendly production as possible recycling more than 90% of our waste.

In addition we also offer warehousing and logistic solutions to ensure the best set-up for each individual customer.

Bong Retail Solutions is part of the Bong Group which is a leading European supplier and manufacturer of specialized packaging and envelopes. Dating back to 1737, Bong has a solid foundation of experience and knowledge concerning the production, distribution and selling of paper based products.


We want to be known for developing our customers business by strengthening their brand image and enhancing their customers shopping experience through innovative and communicative solutions.


Our retail customers are in continues contact with their (potential) consumers. Their challenge is to attract, keep and satisfy these consumers.

As retail consultants, we enjoy inspiring and advising our customers within their brand communication plan and we build efficient solutions that enhances their brand recognition, and helps them to communicate through The Art of Giving in the retail market.

Our business intelligence in the retail market allows our customer to be creative, innovative and profitable within their own business challenges, giving their customers the optimal shopping experience (both in the shop and online).


We share the values of the Bong Group:

The customer is our passion

We seek excellence in everything we do

Strong teams are the foundation of our success

We interact with mutual respect

We see change as a creative opportunity

Read more about our Values here.

Acting in the spirit of the Art of Giving

Blending creativity, inspiration and innovation The Art of Giving is at the heart of everything we do at Bong Retail Solutions.

With our knowledge and experience we constantly challenge ourselves to create the best solution, adding value and quality along the way. Focusing on our customer, we know that the creative process is one of constant dialogue until an answer presents itself.

The delight at the moment of giving is a sought after feeling – and to us a job well done is one of those moments.

We believe in the Art of Giving

Code of conduct

As part of the Bong Group we share and practice the Code of Conduct set for the entire Bong Group.

Earning, establishing and retaining trust and confidence inside and outside our business is vital. We support and use the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprise, the United Nation’s Global Compact and our own core values and our Code of Conduct to guide and direct all our decisions and every action.

Our Code of Conduct is designed to demonstrate our shared values and ethics in action, and is not intended to be exhaustive. It contains general guidance about Bong’s expectations, situations that may require particular attention and available channels of communication.

Download our Code of Conduct booklet to read more about how we work with the Workplace, Environment, in the Marketplace as well as in regards to the Society and Community.

Read more about our Code of Conduct, our Supplier Code of Conduct, our Equality and Diversity Policy and other policies and procedures here.